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May 15, 2010

Reflection Report

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At the beginning of the project, the tutor separated 9 groups, and asked us to set up a business, so 9 groups like 9 business companies (mace blog). Our businesses were focus on promoted the young artist and help them to sell their products. The company name is Artbridge, and it was successful in a few weeks. Since we have been begin to plan the first exhibition for the young artists. One of members was disagree the topic of the first exhibition, and against in every meeting. Due to the idea was not unified in our group; a member was seceding from our company (artbridge blog). However, there were also lots of problems in our business. Because of our problem, the tutor has been given us some good advice and suggested us making Artbridge and Design Balance together and set up a new business after Christmas holiday (design balance blog).

It was felicitate that, Artbridge and Design Balance both agree with the idea, except a member in our business. At last, the new company was coming and the name is Design Balance, totally, there were 6 people in the company. The old Design Balance was design the hat for the students from Kingston University. All of the members were not wanted to continue this business, because that, it is really hard to making a product, and then we changed the products. So the new Design Balance is a company to design the fashion accessories (design balance blog). The tutor suggested us that, we had to focus on one product, so the final accessories our decided was scarf. In our company, there are 3 fashion designers, we made a decision that we would design and make the scarf by ourselves. In addition, the new business was coming so late, so we were continue used the old Design Balance’s logo and brand. Although we had lots of contradictions and were against each other, it was a valuable and happy memory for us.

In this project, we set up the business was just in the students area, however, it is same as the real business. For example, we used the rules in a real business. And also we followed the business law to function our business. Now, our business is finished, but we need to think of our weakness and how can we do next time. My report has 4 parts; there are Goals, Reality, Obstacles/Options and Way Forward. The GROW model will explain my problem solving and goal setting (Wikipedia).


  The goals in our group were not clear. At first, we thought the customers were not focused on one way. It is not good that, we did not have a good market research, so that the designers’ ideas were not uniform in the design of the scarf. Since some weeks, we have done that, to choose our customers that are the student in Kingston University.

Follow the end customers; we have done lots of reach about it. ‘Our international students at Kingston University have our Target Market inside our university and especially 10 percent of the international students, which means that 300 students from different countries in KU were our first target. Even though our ambition was much bigger than that, our first step was to be practicable. Setting up a suitable goal is likely to be successful and encourages us to go in the right direction for our first business. Since we spend most of our time at KU, we were able to get useful information through daily insight and to build up some networking efficiently. In addition, we empathies what the international students feel and need. According to the survey the students require a sense of membership. Also this need is not only for the international students but for the local students as well.’ (Report from Design Balance) At last, we decided 3 styles of design in one theme.

  Depend on different styles, the price of products are differences. The criterion of price that we set out was not only decided by the production, but also to be governed by the ability of the student cost. So that, our price is £3.99, £4.99 and £5.99. After our selling, I interviewed some students which brought our scarf by myself. I asked them, what the reason made you to buy our products. There are three reasons that, cheap, colorful and have a good design. It is successful which is in our selling, we sold 7 pieces of scarf and one design was sold out (Report from Design Balance).

  However, there are lots of problems in the built and agree the goal. First, the market is not clear. I think, it is not good that the customers just from University. Because, the business is not really tested if not come out the university and go to the real market. Second, the price is too cheap for our products. Even thought we sold 7 pieces scarf, the final finance shows us that we were loss. The reason is the price of products. All the member in our group known that, these prices were too cheap and will made us loss, but also sold by these prices. Because we were worried about our product will not sold, and people does not liked our scarf. So we made the price low and used promotion to attract more and more customers. In another hand, we loss because of we did not have confidence with our products. I think it is a vicious circle in the business. Now I think our business, I know that a good business should have a good beginning, and a good beginning should have a clear goal.


  All of the members in our group did not have business experiences, so sometimes we could not think very comprehensive. The most important is we were not believe our ability which are we were overstate and undervalued repeatedly by ourselves. The other is we were not research clear about actual situation, therefore the plan was far away from the situation so that we cloud not follow the time schedule to do our work, and we changed the plan all the time. Because these reason, the members in our business always confounded and made the schedule late.

  Believe self and each other is a principal in a team work (Hubpages). I think I am not good enough in this, so sometimes I just did by myself and not told my group mate what the work progress. For example, the design works that at our beginning. One of the designers wants to use a little bit heaver fabric, and then I was doubtful of him and thought it could not be sold. However, the actual situation is that he sold half of them. I understand that the basic of things in a team is trustful each other, when I think back. In our business, there are so many similar things, like made our advertisement. Because of the language and the background, the understanding is different, so that we have a dispute with each other. When the first advertisement was coming out, some of members were very angry, because they thought the advertisement makers were not serious with their job. That’s why there are two advertisements in our team (design balance blog).

  In another hand, the market and customer reach did not very well, so the plan was not meticulous and spend lots of time to change the details. About our products, we planed make around 30 pieces of scarf at first, each designer made 10 pieces, but the members’ time were hard to make together and choose the fabrics spend many times. So we did not have enough time to do. At last, we just finished 13 pieces of scarf, I just finished 4 pieces. In the selling, we did not have too many times, so we decided the selling place is in the university, and the selling time is just 3 hours. We had lots of meetings to talk about the selling place before this time. Another place we planned to sell at a weekend market, but we did not implement. This is the result from the plan was not good enough.

  From our business problem, the actual situation was effected by the goal (changing minds. Org). It is like a building that how can the building stand up if don’t have a good foundation. In the next time, I have to get a really clear research before making a plan.

Obstacles and Options

  Every company has difficulty when they running their business. Of course, we have too. In our team, the biggest difficulty is communication. There are 6 members who come from 4 differences countries that have differences culture and background. Sometimes, I have good idea with our business, and I try to said, but it is hard to let my teammate to understand deep meaning. This problem was always to obsess to me. In addition, this problem was happened on my teammate as well. Because that, we wanted to work out with this problem, however, differences culture and background is hard to found a way to make everybody understand the deep meaning in an idea. So the way to solve the problem was ballot to choose an idea, and then we could focus on one idea and develop it.

  The products in our business were design and made by ourselves. Design the scarf for a fashion design is easy, but it is hard to make a real product from a design idea and a design picture. Sometimes, thinking is infeasible in the current situation, for example the scarf design. We have done a large number of designs before, but we failed them because our skills are not very good to made them. Then we choose some easier design. Although the designs are easier to make than the others, we also experiencing problems when we sewing the scarf. Nevertheless, we wanted to make them beautiful which same as from the fashion factory. However, we were not thought about our skills which had not a high level.

  In our group, no body’s background is marketing. In the marketing research, everybody was the first time; our marketing knowledge was not good enough to running our business. But we did not give it up; we were try lots of time and find a good way for us. All of us thought that, our business skills could not make a successful selling at the real market; in the other hand, it will be spent lots of money if we rent a stall at Sunday market (Camden lock), so we were change the mind and choose the marketing in our university. It was decrease the difficulty of our work.

  Advertisement was same as the marketing, nobody has the skills. Although, in our first advertisement, we did not very well, we tried our best to make it. So we wanted to make again. In our products, there are 3 styles; the problem is that which style we would chose for our advertisement. In our plan, this collection is for the spring and summer, so we decided the advertisement used the scarf which made from chiffon fabric. However, anther designer disagree with us and persisted in her opinion which that used his design to make the advertising. And we were against in our meeting because of it and nobody wanted to make a concession. Finally, the leader said, we would have 2 advertisements in our group; one is for the spring and summer collection and the other one is for the function of the scarf. I know that, it is really hard to work in a team, everybody want to show the personal ability, but it will be effect the team ability. In this situation, we have to think about the team benefit, not the personal.

Way forward

  I will set up a business when I finish my study and come back China. The business experiences which running a business in the project was very important for me. And also, let me know that a good company is not a personal ability; it is team ability (Kore View, Performance group). In our team work, we had lots of problems, but we were conquered the problems one by one. Even though my first business (Artbridge blog) was failed, I used the experiences which from Artbridge to my second team work (Design Balance blog). Of course, the tutor gave me lots of ideas about how to running the business, idea of our products and suggest us how to work in a team. These things are very useful for me in my career.

Firstly, let me know how to set up a business. In a real business, I have to make a clear goal, which is make sure the end customers (changing maids. Org). In our business, we did not have a good goal, so that we could not finish the work as good as possible. From Design Balance’s problems, I know that it is important that have a specific goal and marketing research, then the plan will be detailed. I will learn the experiences which in our team, advertent and amend my mistakes next time.

Secondly, I am a little bit impetuous in our group. I know that, it is not good for a team work, because one people’s temperament will be impact all the team members. In our meeting, I was not very earnest that listen to the member’s idea and suggestion. Although I wanted to work better in the team, it is should be advertent that how to make good relationship with the teammates. This point is also useful in my future which is should be careful the relationship with my partner. In another hand, our team members are from the international, so we have differences culture and language. Communication is our team’s big problem, this is one of reasons that we always against each other. We were tried to understand each other and try to standing in the other people’s point to thinking our problems. In my opinion, work with the international students is very useful, because, I can learn how to communicate with the people comes from different country and how to work with the people who come from different area.

Thirdly, let me know how to make a balance with the money and design the products. My role was designer and financial accounting in the Design Balance. Before this, I was never touch the accounting, because my count is not very to have this work. However, I found these two jobs are helpful for me in my career that the suggestion was given by them, for example, how to control the money costs and how to use less money to do better things, and so on. In a company, the financial accounting controls the money cost and income; the designer controls the products styles. These two departments are in direct to show the company successful or not (Ezine Artices). From the Design Balance’s work, I learned lots of work experiences in the design and financial accounting.


  In conclusion, through the studies in the project, not only learn the business knowledge about how to set up and running a company, and also assist my study skills. And I know that, how to use my skills into my team work, but it is not means, my skills are good enough, and I will continue improve my skills in the future study and career.

  In the studies, I learned lots of knowledge in business. Before this project, I wanted to build my business when I come back China. However, I don’t know anything about this. So set up a business by myself was just a dream before I had this project. From last September to this April, I am not only learn the knowledge from the book, but also I had very useful business experiences when I running a small business in our team. In my opinion, it is good for students’ career that, ask the students to set up a small business in this project. It was exercise the student’s ability, and make a change from mind to practice. The university in China is less than UK in the practice, so I think it is really helpful for me.

  About my study skills, I improve lots of skill in the project. Team work is hard for me before, because I don’t know how to work with the teammate before. Since this study, I know that team work is very important in the company, and also I learn the skills that from the team work, for example, how to communicate with the teammate, how to explain my idea to the members and must be have patient in the team work. All the experience is useful for me in my career. In this study, I learn not only the experience how to running a company, but also learn lots of knowledge about the economy. It is also important in the business, because it is the basic knowledge when I want to set up my business. In this study, I am really happy and learn what I want to learn in my future.


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April 20, 2010


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This week our final 4 scarfs are coming.


There are our new products. The skill of making scarfs is batter and batter, because last few weeks. It is very toilsome every day, but I really enjoy it. Now I looking the products and think the former time,  I am feeling of success. So, it is tired, but happy!

March 16, 2010

Final products and for the trade fair

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This week is quite busy. the final products design was decided, and now we are making the products.

pattern making

fabic cutting


March 6, 2010


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Surprise Friday

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The Friday class is helping a company to make a plan to propagandize. The company is GRM; it helps the unsigned band and singer.

Our group idea is focus on the customs; we were interview people and ask them questions at different place. There are university, CD shop and pop. I and Moneisa is interview people at HVM at Kingston shopping center. Our questions are

  1. Do you like new band and singer which is not famous
  2. If you buy some music CD and get one other free CD, will you listen that?
  3. If you really like to listen the free CD, will you find any information about the new band or singer?
  4. Will you buy after you know that?

After interview people, we know that the most of people interested in unsigned band and singer. That can help them famous and lets the people know there is a company named GRM. We think, if GRM Company becomes famous, the important point is let the unsigned band and singer famous. So our plan is play their music to some place which has many people, like CD shop, pop and restaurant.

That’s our team’s idea, and really let us surprised is our group achieve award. Although the award is just a bottle of drink, we are very happy with that.

My monkey underwear web

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In this team, team8 and team9 are making together, and new design balance is coming. I am really happy to see that, because it is a new begins. Forget against and displeasure. I am confident that we can friendly and batter.

At the first team work is decided what product we well do, and follow the product to find the research.

Our product is scarf. At the meeting, we brought our scarf and take some photos with that and talk about our design thinking and our rules in the group.

leadership classes

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      This is my first time to contact leadership, and some time can’t understand very clearly. But in these two weeks, I really enjoy the classes.

      I think, it is a batter way to understand that use some interesting games to let students know the knowledge, especially international students. Because of the language, international students not understand the deep meaning, just at the external.

      Leader is important in a team or a company. And of cause, it is also important in the business study. When I study leadership, I am afraid I can’t understand everything. So I am really thanks to Migel, because he invites a good person to teach us and let us know more about the leadership.

      This person works in a theater, and he likes use games to let the students know what’ the leadership means, and how can we use the leadership. I think, it is a good way, let the students get the knowledge when they play the games. Game can make people happy, and also can learn the knowledge easily.

     Although, there are just a few weeks in the leadership classes, I get lots of leadership knowledge, and I think it will be really useful in my future.

November 14, 2009

My Lift Control

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At this class, I was really surprise, all most people has their Allhallown role. I got too,  it is a pity that not Firday. But I really want to share mine.




   Now, it is about our class. we did thing like story, and design a lift control. Like last time, I am really don’t know how to beginning. becouse, there are really different from chinese teaching style. Although I always confus at the beginning of the class, I really enjoy the class.

    At first, I got the colour paper, and no idear about this. Then, I cut them to some small pieces, and put them together. And I found there are look like clavier on the piano. In my lift, it is got differences sound if you go to different floor.




16th October class, disgin thinking process

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       In this class, we used the triangle which is “Activity Theory Mode” to design our thinking process. And think about the details that our needs as a provider.


      At the first, I really confusion and understand what is the meaning of the triangle. Also don’t know how to beginning to think the details as provider. So when I think about the question, I don’t know how to begin.

      The question is, in order to have a successful business, what do I need to know or have.

      Firstly I think about the money, because it is important for a business. Secondly I think a good business must has a ruls. And other things are market, leadship, reaserch, how to work with other people, good communion, know the business environment and so on.


     This is my triangle.  And total is 12.

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